Survival Skills articles

DIY How to Create BIG Sparks

* DIY How to Create BIG Sparks * When using a firesteel and trying to start a fire, it is important to know how to hold the firesteel and how to strike it! Watch and learn how to properly hold and strike your firesteel. If you need extra spark, go slow and scrape off a

DIY Start a Fire in the Snow

* DIY Start a Fire in the Snow * In this AWESOME video you will learn the basics of starting a fire in the snow. You will learn how to find dry fire wood including fuel, tinder, and kindling. It’s important to remember that you need to collect these things before you start your fire.

Top 3 Survival Items!

* Top 3 Survival Items! * If you can survive the first 72 hours of any survival situation, the chances of you surviving after that are substantially better! Important things that you will want in your survival bag are food, first aid kit, and water. Unfortunately these did not make the list. These next items

5 Amazing Stories of Survivors

* 5 Amazing Stories of Survivors * There you are climbing the highest mountain, diving the deep sea, and enjoying life. When all of a sudden, tragedy strikes. Your hopes and dreams of smooth sailing are disrupted and you find your self in a survival situation. This is when your survival skills come into play.

3 Tips to Stay Afloat at Sea!

* 3 Tips to Stay Afloat at Sea! * One survival skill we haven’t covered yet here on our page is how to survive when you find yourself stranded at sea. Majority of people only last a short while before them end up drowning. It’s important to remember to stay calm. When you get excited