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How to Kill, Fillet and Cook Fish

How to Kill, Fillet and Cook Fish

  Survival Skills: How to Kill, Fillet and Cook Fish With a major storm coming in, this video shows how to fly fish in a survival situation. You’ll learn how to kill, fillet and cook a fish. TIP #1 Get the fish in a net! You can’t kill it, fillet it or eat it if

20 Wilderness Survival Tips

20 IMPORTANT SURVIVAL SKILLS It’s not anyone’s plan to become stranded in the wilderness while hiking, camping, or hunting. In the event that you do, here are some good survival tips to assist you in the event that you need some extra help. In this video, you will find fishing tips, fire starters, and help

Survival Soda Can Whistle

Survival Soda Can Whistle Learn how to make a survival whistle from a soda can. Swiss Army Zippo shows us how to cut up a soda can and using the proper technique of origami a beautiful whistle is created using fold, cuts and proper measurement. *Note: before you start folding it, you can put it

TOP 25 Survival Myths

TOP 25 Survival Myths Here is an important list of things that you might have heard somewhere in your life. Well, just because you heard something doesn’t mean that you should believe it. This video gives some important tips that you might want to keep in mind when you end up in a survival situation.

Survival Fishing

Survival Fishing Without Bait If you ever find yourself without bait, there are lots of places that you can find some. You can find worms, grass hoppers, and if you get lucky you can find a dead fish on the bank of the river. Once you get your hook baited, toss in your line and

Top 10 Survival Life Hacks

Top 10 Survival Life Hacks Here is a fun list of things you can use in any survival situation. Orange Candles, lock picks made from aluminum cans, fires started from a 9 volt battery and steel wool, mini shooters made from balloons, using paperclips to make light, and starting a fire with a battery and

Edible Survival Plants

Edible Survival Plants What will you eat if you can’t catch small game? Join BobbySoFamous with his video of the edibility test. His partner will give survival tips on how to notice the difference between friendly and poisonous plants, how to identify them, how to text them, and he will let us know when it is safe