How to Kill, Fillet and Cook Fish


Survival Skills: How to Kill, Fillet and Cook Fish

With a major storm coming in, this video shows how to fly fish in a survival situation. You’ll learn how to kill, fillet and cook a fish.

TIP #1

Get the fish in a net! You can’t kill it, fillet it or eat it if you don’t catch it first!

TIP #2

Get a fish killer! You need a “Priest” it’s what you use to smack your fish across it’s head!

TIP #3

If you have a knife, make sure that it is sharp. It will help you cut off the head of the fish in one clean swoop!


The majority of this video isn’t shot it survival mode, but it does give a nice handful of useful tips that you can use in a survival situation. If all else fails, you can always eat it raw!

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