Top 10 Survival Tips: #8 Is Funny

Here is a list of the top random tips that you may need depending where you are and what adventure you are setting out on. It ranges from beating the heat to not messing with vending machines. Keep in mind to use safety and common sense. Always plan ahead. #8 is funny!

#1 Beat the Heat

A rock formation in Utah called The Wave is remote and beautiful, but also arid and sweltering. This past July a couple hiking the area were found dead after the afternoon heat overwhelmed them. Scarcely three weeks later, a 27-year-old woman collapsed while hiking The Wave with her husband and died before he could get help.

STAT: An average of 675 people die each year in the U.S. from heat-related complications.

DO: Carry lots of fluids, hike in the morning, and let people know where you’re going when trekking in the desert.

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